High Visibility Safety Vests

High Visibility Safety Vests

Employers shall provide and maintain personal protective equipment whenever there exist potential workplace hazards. There are many garment styles, types of materials, and options available used in protective outerwear depending on the level of protection required.

All Safety Products provides solutions for all employee safety apparel needs, from disposable clothing, chemical resistant clothing, flame resistant apparel, hazmat apparel and a variety of other safety clothing. Personal protective workwear must be selected that will protect employees from the specific hazards which they are likely to encounter during their jobs.

Selection of protective workwear is a complex process and you should consider a variety of factors:

  • Identification of hazards, or suspected hazards

  • How they may harm an employee (inhalation, skin absorption, ingestion, eye or skin contact)

  • Performance of safety clothing materials in providing a barrier to the hazard

  • Employee’s work requirements and task-specific conditions

  • Durability of materials